How to place an order?

Production of in vitro plants is quite a long process. To obtain rooted microshoots we start to work with the plant material even 6 months earlier. Therefore, the sooner is the order placed the bigger is the guarantee that the plants will be produced on time and in desired quantity.

Order changes

There is no possibility to change the amounts and planning shortly before the shipment. The confirmed orders cannot be changed or canceled 3 months before the delivery. Any order canceled within 3 months of the scheduled ship week is financial responsibility of the customer.


Plants produced at Inflora are rooted in plastic, sterile boxes with 20-25 plants per box. The boxes are then put into the cardboard boxes with styropone and special dividers for further protection.

In order to maintain the good quality of the plants during transit the plants are transported in specific temperature. We cooperate with freight companies who are able to meet our expectations.


We are committed to getting your order to our customers on time and in excellent condition. If there is any reason to complain please take the following steps:

  • Transit: All claims must be submitted to Infiora-Krakow within 72 hours. The protocol of damages, the DMC protocol for air freight and the photographic documentary will be requested.
  • Quality or Order Shortages: For any claims due to quality or order shortages please contact Inflora-Krakow within 3 days of receiving your order. For quality concerns during growing process the information must be submitted within 30 days. The written protocol and photographic documentary will be requested.

Failure to follow these steps may void your claim.